Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Gypset Market

The Gypset Market is a new monthly event where you can find items between 50L and 99L. The participating designers are offering their own interpretations of the gypsy and boho style. 
In order to purchase items from the venue, you need to wear the Bestyle Magazine Readers group tag. 
I picked for you the beautiful dress from PurpleMoon, partially mesh and partially flexi, with an oriental flavour that inspired me a visit to the beautiful Azuchi sim. 
The necklace is from MayloDesigns, sold at the Gypset Market as well, with matching ring and earrings.

PurpleMoon - Gypset Market

Gypset Market + Shag + Al Vulo

Dress: PurpleMoon @ Gypset Market - Harmony Dress in Reds (MESH)
Jewelry: Maylo Designs @ Gypset Market - Gypsy (necklace, bracelets, rings and earrings included)

Style credits

Skin: Al Vulo!
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Hair: Shag
Lashes: Miamai
Shoes: N-Core
Poses: Izumiya, Glitterati

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Long Road

When I'm looking for peace and balance, there's nothing better than a walk in the middle of green, waiting for sunrise. 
Not being able to do it in my First Life, I tried to get some relief in the Second one, visiting the beautiful Irish land called Empress and Hierophant.

Irish Boho 01

Irish Boho 02

Irish Boho 03

Irish Boho 04

I will be back in the chaotic fashion industry soon with news about the Gypset Market.

Style credits:
Skin: the.oBscene (Kuja Akina) 
Hair: Elikatira
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Top: Sn@tch
Skirt: PurpleMoon
Jewelry: Amorous
Shoes: N-Core
Poses: Glitterati

Friday, 28 October 2011

Vintage Boho

I had been planning this post for ages, but at first I couldn't find the time, then I forgot the pics on my laptop and today I realized I had never brought them on my desktop.

I fell in love at first glance with those amazing bags from PurpleMoon: they are not only beautifully crafted, but they also convey that perfect boho-vintage melancholy so close to my usual mood.

They are available in several colors, coming in animated and not animated version, and the price is more than fair.

Bag: PurpleMoon - Vintage Voyager Bag in Brown - 125L (look for it in the Boho House, in front of the main store).

Vintage Boho

I also enjoyed the look I created to match the bag, so here's a pic as well.

Vintage Boho Look

Skin: the.oBscene
Hair: Vive9
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Lashes: DeeTalez
Top: !gO!
Shirt: Aoharu
Skirt: League
Jewelry: [glow] studio
Sandals: NX - Nardcotix
Pose: Glitterati

Thursday, 15 September 2011

League Goes Boho

"The new League stuff says your name all over it, btw", I was told by a friend a couple of days ago.
And she was, obviously, totally right. 
Nena Janus has just released two sets of nomad inspired skirts, patterned or in plain colors, and a set of gypsy tunics, which are a must have for every bohemian wardrobe. 
They are available in single colors or patterns, or in fatpacks (a fatpack for each style), avoiding you the trouble of picking.

I want to spend a couple of words on the skirts, which hit my heart not only because they are amazingly beautiful, but also because they are absolutely *wearable*, something that is not always granted when dealing with sculpted skirts of that kind. 

I really appreciated, in the League's Nomad Skirts, the choice of keeping a system layer that matches the pattern or the color, together with other prim attachments on upper and lower legs to enhance the "wholeness" of the skirt, instead of the alpha layer. (While the alpha layer is a good tool to hide hips in case of impossible fits, in my opinion it should never go under the avi's knees: seeing a foot appearing from nowhere, as if it was detached from the rest of your body, when walking or moving, it's something I can't stand.)
That being said, the designer's advice is wearing the skirts with a calm AO (not many pirouettes and such) to achieve the best visual effect. 
Last but not least, the fit was amazingly easy even on my out of average shape - I usually have many troubles in the waist-hips-butt zone.

Now, I'll let the clothes themselves speak. 

Skirt: League - Nomad Skirt -Burgundy

League - Nomad Skirt Burgundy

Skirt: League - Nomad Skirt -Vintage Floral

League - Nomad Skirt Vintage Floral

Top: League - Gypsy Tunic -Butterscotch

League - Gypsy Tunic

Style Credits: 
Skin: the.oBscene
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Hair: Elikatira, Magika, Clawtooth. 
Top: D.Select, Kyoot.
Vest: COCO
Jeans: Twisted & Spoiled
Shoes: COCO,  Tokidoki, Duh. 
Necklace: EED, Exodi, Bliensen + MaiTai
Bracelets: League & EED, Ticky Tacky & je suis..., YS&YS  & Pacadi Jasha
Lashes: je suis...
Poses: wetcat, ES, Hopscotch

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Alphabet Challenge - B - B for Bohemian

I started the Alphabet Challenge on Orinoco Flow, and I will keep posting my alphabet looks there, but B is for Bohemian, so I couldn't resist.

Alphabet Challenge - B - B as Bohemian

Skin: Mynerva - Bianca
Hair: Truth - Boho
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Black Swan
Lipstick: AtomicBambi (now Verve) - Sabrina Lip Blush
Top: ZaaraYauvani Tank Top Bordeaux
Skirt: SnatchBoho Swirl Skirt
Necklace: Burroughs -Sunara Necklace
Earrings: Studio SidheSilver Filigree w Bell Gypsy Earrings
Nose Chain: Studio Sidhe - Silver Nose Chain with Bells
Bracelets: LeagueWanderer Bracelet
Bracelet: BINA - Tende Bracelet left red (part of an outfit)
Anklet: BINA - Tende right anklet Blue (part of an outfit)
Nails: je suis... - je suis... naive Nails v.2 Basic Nails
Bag: HOC - Hemp Bag
Shoes: Baby Monkey - Classic Flat Brown
Pose: Bent!

A closeup to showcase the beautiful earrings and nose chain by Faery Sola of Studio Sidhe. They're part of a set including bracelet, necklace and other pieces, that come in silver or gold. Items can be purchased separately or in a fatpack. I fell in love with the bells on the nose chain, a must have for my bohemian closet. 

SS Close up

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Boho Girls Wear Bandanas

Many beautiful bohemian flavor hairstyles are available at the Hair Fair. I bought lots of them already, supporting my shopping mania with the charity cause, and I will need to catch some others in each single store after the event is over (tomorrow). This year my attention was caught by something else though:  in each Hair Fair sim you will find a stall selling bandanas, 50L each. The proceeds of all the bandana sales will go to Wigs For Kids
Tomorrow, July the 15th, it's bandana day, a day meant to show our solidariety not wearing hair. If you want to participate, it doesn't mean you will need to renounce to your vanity: the designers prepared amazing stuff, I bought 3 of them. And no, it won't be something to wear just for one day and then trash it. Or at least not for me.

Bandana: LeLutka @ Hair Fair - Grace Scarf - 50L (100% donation)

(Inspired by a famous painting that inspired a book and a movie. It's a homage, not claiming to be a proper and accurate reproduction. )


Hair: Discord Designs @ Hair Fair - Lilith Cool Brown - wearing hairbase and drapes only.180L (50% donation)

Boho Bandana

Style Credits: 
Skin: Vive9, the.oBscene
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Necklace: Zaara 
Top:, Peqe
Poses: Glitterati, LAP

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Boho Girls Have Their Bath At Night


LeeZu @ TDR - Boho Bikini /yellow -69L

Style Credits
Skin: the.oBscene
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Hair: LeLutka
Eyeliner: [glow] studio
Jewelry and Nails: je suis...
Pose: Glitterati